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Supporting the Underserved Families & Children of Tuxpan

Operation Devolver events send caring individuals, food, household necessities, and children’s toys to the underserved areas of Tuxpan, a town in southern Jalisco, Mexico.

With the personal connections and immediate impact that Operation Devolver offers, those in need are able to improve their impoverished conditions and the lives of their children.

Simple Giving

Operation Devolver is a charitable cause that keeps things simple. It eliminates bureaucracy and expense in order to realize the greatest good.

Events focus on what matters: bringing together
people in need, those willing to help, and the resources that can make a difference.

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Incredible Return

Our support of Tuxpan’s underserved families started as a personal mission. Then, as we realized the good even a few people could do, we began to ask: What if others got involved?

We invite you to take part in Operation Devolver.
By joining us online or in person for an event, you’ll have a chance to see how your help provides for better lives and happier, healthier kids.

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