Supporting Operation Devolver

Operation Devolver is a personal mission to us. We want it to be personal to you, too. That’s why we make sure everyone involved can see the impact of their efforts.

Enjoy the images and updates we post about our events. Then, share our story through email and social media, and help us build online support for the cause.


Donate Money

Operation Devolver is a simple by design. We send caring individuals with essential resources to help people who need it. As a result, more of your donation reaches the undeserved families and children of Tuxpan.


Note: Operation Devolver is a Project Boon Event, an established 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. Your contributions are tax deductible! please contact us.


Participate in an Event

If you want a personal connection to the Operation Devolver mission, we invite you to join us for our next trip to Tuxpan. Typically, trips take over three-to-five days. Here’s a sample itinerary:

  • Events begin with a flight into Guadalajara, Mexico, where a ground team meets us at the airport and takes us to
    purchase supplies / pick up donations.
  • Next, the ground team transports us to our staging area in Tuxpan. There, we prepare packages of goods for individual families. They include grocery items, household goods, and toys for children.
  • The following day, our team drives us to deliver packages to the underserved community in areas around Tuxpan. Participants have the opportunity to deliver these materials in person and to make a real connection with those in need.
  • After delivery, the ground team transports us back to our housing in Tuxpan where we stay the night. Our flight out of Mexico leaves from Guadalajara the next day.

Operation Devolver allows participants to experience the beauty and culture of Tuxpan and to help improve the overall community – as well as the lives of those who are receiving donations. Find out more about participating in our upcoming event.

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